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  • Why do I need a web site?
    It is generally expected nowadays for a business to have a web site, not only for prestige but as a useful advertising and contact tool. Customers will often look for your contact details online rather than the good old fashioned phone book!
  • What do I need for a web site?
    You need a website design, a domain name and a hosting account. We can provide you with everything you need cheaply and simply.
  • How long does it take?
    This depends on the complexity of the site and our workload. As a general rule a 4 page static site should take approximately two to three days, to the approval stage, then about another day or so to upload to the internet, depending on the hosting service selected.
  • Can I change any part of the template design?
    Of course you can, although this facility cannot be included in our fixed package price of 99.00. Any modifications are charged at our hourly rate, quoted for in advance. We believe that even with modification charges our websites offer unbeatable value.
  • What is hosting and how much does it cost?
    Hosting is the space needed on the internet to store your website. It is effectively a very powerful computer that is provided by a dedicated hosting company, rather than you storing the website and allowing the whole world access to your computer!

    Very often nowadays you can get web hosting for FREE and if you are only aiming your site to local customers this can be very cost effective. However, there are some disadvantages to using free hosting companies which we will happily discuss with you. Cheap and Simple Web Design can provide hosting from as little as 30.00 per year.

  • What is a domain name and how much does it cost?
    A domain name is the name that people will use to find your web site. This typically starts with www. and ends with .co.uk, or.com. The domain name of this website for example is 'www.cheapandsimplewebdesign.co.uk'. If you already have a registered domain name we will happily 'point' it to your new website. If you wish, we can register and purchase domain names on your behalf. See prices.
  • What is a static website?
    A static website, as opposed to a dynamic website, is made up of fixed pages that browsers/customers cannot actually change or interact with. Think of a static website like a brochure for your business.

    A dynamic website does allow users interaction, i.e. they can submit their contact information or shop for goods, etc online.

  • Will I be able to sell goods or service on my website?
    Yes and no. If you only want to sell a few goods or services online, then it is easily possible to use static pages. However this is not very practical if you have many goods to sell, or you want to extend your range in the future. To do this effectively you would need some shopping cart software. This is not included in our package prices, but we will be happy to give you a quote. Please give us a call.
  • Why is it so cheap?
    At Cheap and Simple we use a customisable template system of web design. This means we can offer unbeatable prices, as much of the design work has been done already. It couldn't be easier.
    Of course if you would prefer a custom made design not based on templates, we will happily give you a quote.
  • Can I use my own photographs on my site?
    Absolutely, although your photographs will have to be in a digital format. You can email them to us or send them on a disk by post. It is also possible to scan conventional photographs if necessary.
  • What if I want to update or change my website?
    It is important to keep your site up to date, especially concerning current information about your business, products or services. We offer a flexible maintenance policy to suit all of our customers. This is based on our hourly rate for modifications, with no monthly or annual fee. You only therefore pay for work that is done. Simple.

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