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How we do it

If you choose one of our customisable templates, we can offer you our package price of £99.00. The reason for this unbeatable price is because much of the design work has been done already. It couldn't be easier.

Of course if none of the templates are to your taste, or aren't suitable for your theme, we will happily design your website from scratch. Our bespoke web design service also offers unbeatable value.

  • Step 1. Check out our prices then telephone us on (01273) 463266 for an informal chat, or email us.
  • Step 2. Decide whether you require the package price or a bespoke design. If you want the package price, select a template from the templates section.
  • Step 3. After you have made your choice of template, go to the Your Content page and simply fill in the details for each page of your web site (up to 4 pages). Then press send, and we'll do the rest. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use the printable forms for each page of your web site . Print them out and write in your content with that good old fashioned biro!
  • Step 4. If you used the printable forms send them to us or email them and we will quickly design your web site according to your template choice.
  • Step 5. We will then temporarily upload your site to the world wide web for your perusal. This gives you a chance to ensure that you have included everything you need, or you can request minor changes.
  • Step 6. Only when you are satisfied with the site will we invoice you. On clearance of funds we will upload your new web site to the internet, so all your customers can benefit from your presence on the world wide web.

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