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Terms and conditions

  • Any websites we develop remain the property of Cheap and Simple Web Design until paid for in full.
  • The client agrees that once the web site is paid for, the project is complete to their satisfaction. Apart from uploading the site to the internet any further work required must be paid for separately, charged for at our hourly rate.
  • If you require us to host the site on your behalf, the web space used will be sublet from webspace purchased, by us from an independant hosting company. Although the hosting company tries to achieve 99.5% uptime, this cannot be guaranteed. Cheap and Simple Web Design cannot be held responsible for issues related to hosting.
  • We are a web design company and as such do not offer an inclusive support service. Therefore any support required after the site has been successfully uploaded to the internet, will have to be paid for separately, subject to our hourly rate. However, we believe in first class customer service so any issues that can be resolved simply, with an informal chat, we will happily undertake free of charge. If we are hosting your site, always call us first (during normal office hours please!)
  • If you require Cheap and Simple Web Design to purchase a domain name on your behalf, we do so from a registered domain name company. We only act as a third party to register the name for the client.

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